We like to share with all Children of Yah some of our ministry outreach trips. Our hope is to inspire other believers to go reach the lost sheep where ever each one of us are called to go. There are many ways to spread the Besorah (Good News), Whether it be in stores, at parades, door-to-door, during fairs, concerts, beaches, flea markets, parks, rest areas, restaraunts, libraries, zoos, senior citizen centers, ect. You could even set up a stand at any town function or ballgames. The possibilities are endless! Our free books and tracts are great witnessing tools. The tracts can easily be placed in restroom stalls or sinks, porches or even on cars!



Dan hammering in the stakes.

Dan tying balloons.

Michael and Daniel tying ballons.

Felicia setting up books.



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  Let us give all praise to Yahuah! We were able to attend the 2008 Highland County Fair. Despite the many trials we endured, Eloah carried us through the rough week. The adversary came against us at every turn, working through others to hinder and silence the work of spreading the Besorah (Good News).

  Our home was broken into not once but three times. Even though nothing was taken the third time, the destructor(s) decided to lock our goats into the home. This left a massive mess throughout the entire house. We thank Abba for not letting the goats get hurt. The goats could have grown a fear for humans but they did not. We forgive the one(s) who did this.

  Truly, we ruffled some feathers this year at the fair. Quite a few Christians came against us. Some Christians were trying to force their heresy beliefs such as a secret rapture and Once Saved Always Saved (O.S.A.S.) down our throats. We tried to reach these people, by warning them of the coming Imposter. However, when one holds onto these two heresies, warning them of the coming Son of Perdition is all that any of us can do.

  To the pretribber, they are not going to be tricked into following the Son of Perdition. They are not going to be here. According to them, they will be raptured before the Son of Perdition shows up. Whereas, according to the O.S.A.S. since they are already saved, nothing can unsave them!  

  We at F.O.Y. (Followers of Yah) were not there to tickle their ears. Therefore, many got angry with us. We know that our battle is not against flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness (Eph 6:12).

  We were placed in what other vendors call the 'dead zone' of the fair. The vendor next to us was able to move to a more popular area. There was plenty of room for us. Yet the Vice President of the County Fair would not let us move.

  Then our dear sister almost had to go to the hospital on day five of the fair. Yahuah showed her kindness when He stopped her bleeding. As Mr. McGuire was traveling to work on day six, he was in a car accident. Even though the car was totaled, he just received a bump on his forehead.

  Despite all these trials, we were able to proclaim and ascribe the name of the Mighty One of Yisra'el! Our desire this year was to warn the people of the coming chaos that is soon to be released on this earth. Sadly, only a handful of individuals had heard of the New World Order. The majority had never heard of the N.W.O. Taking this into consideration, we were very shocked in knowing that only three people were not Christians. Everyone else claimed to be a Christian!

  Let us ponder how deeply has the deception spread! What are these wolves teaching the lost flock?  How many have just ripped out the pages of the book of Revelation? Sadly, they have been taught they are not going to be here, so they do not need to know about it! They are going to fly away. Oh, the great danger in this ideology. Scriptures clearly speak of a one world government, one world economy and one world religious system. This system is rising in power now. It is the great counterfeit. The coming Imposter will usher in a false messianic reign.

  Trying to hide us in the dead zone was not enough to silence us. We were able to give many books, tracts and DVD's away. May the Ruach touch those people. We pray that many wake up before the last trumpet sounds!

Hope to see you next year!